Can I get hours by teaching a class at New York Pilates?

The full equipment Instructor Training program requires each student to complete 365 Total Hours. Practice teaching hours and self-practice hours for mat can be done in your home, or any other location with space for mat Pilates (New York Pilates studios are currently only for equipment based classes). Hours can be completed with friends or family! All training program hours must be completed before test out dates.

The full equipment training program requires 105 hours of self-practice hours, and 115 practice teaching hours, in addition to 25 hours of mentor teaching, 70 hours of observation (15 of these hours are as an Instructor Trainer Assistant during a group class), and 10 hours teaching community classes. IT students will be given details on available hours at NYP locations to complete these hours. We offer weekday, evening, and weekend availability. All Equipment training program hours must be completed before test out dates. Hour completion is the responsibility of the student within the offered practice and observation hours offered by New York Pilates.

On occasion, a student is excelling in the NYP IT program and will be hired by NYP to teach Reformer classes prior to completion of their full certification. In these circumstances, any teaching hours at NYP will not count towards certification hours, however ITA hours are typically adjusted.

Please see attendance policy for information about workshop hours.