What is the Attendance Policy for the Instructor Training Program?

Attendance is required at all Equipment Instructor Training workshops and workshop days. Missing a day, or missing one or more hours due to lateness or leaving early will require students to make up the time privately. No more than 2 days (total) of mat & reformer workshops can be missed and 2 days (total) of Cadillac and Specialized Equipment. If you must miss more than 2 days, it’s better to wait for the next round of training. For each workshop missed, you will be required to pay $150/hour for each hour missed. There will be one make-up session pre-scheduled for each workshop. If you cannot attend the make-up day, you will attend the following round of training on the corresponding workshop day. All make-up hours must be completed before the test out dates.

Fall Make-Up Dates
Saturday, 9/14  make up  Saturday, 10/5 from 10am-1pm
Sunday, 9/15 make up Sunday, 10/6 from 10am-1pm
Saturday, 9/28 make up Saturday, 10/5 from 2pm-5pm
Sunday, 9/29 make up Sunday, 10/6 from 2pm-5pm
Saturday, 10/12 make up Saturday, 11/2 10am-1pm
Sunday, 10/13 make up Saturday, 11/23 10am-1pm

Saturday, 10/26 make up Saturday, 11/2 from 2pm-5pm
Sunday, 10/27 make up Sunday, 11/23 from 2pm-5pm
Saturday, 11/9 make up Saturday, 12/21 from 10am-1pm
Sunday, 11/10 make up Saturday, 12/21 from 2pm-5pm
Saturday, 12/7 make up January 2020
Sunday, 12/8 make up January 2020
Saturday, 12/14 make up January 2020
Sunday, 12/15 make up January 2020