What class should I take?

If you are new to NYP, we strongly suggest taking several Beginner classes before moving to our signature classes. 

Foundations classes are really fun, informative and will make your entire experience at NYP better in every way!  Pilates is more than a workout and there is an art to it.  Staying focused on form in the beginning will make your progress happen much faster and allow you to experience our full array of classes in a more timely and experienced manner!

If you are experienced in Pilates or another similar form of movement, we suggest trying a Sculpt + Restore class or one of our Abs Arms Ass classes or a Core Cult Jump.  

Sculpt + Restore class is perfect for someone looking for plenty of variations to accommodate injuries, pre or postnatal or just looking for the next level up from Beginners Pilates.  

Core Cult is designed to get you pumped!  With high-intensity jumping that targets your deep abdominals, our CC classes are sure to keep the hyper and bouncy entertained.   Please have completed at least 5 Beginners classes or consider yourself to Pilates aficionado. 

Abs Arms Ass is a signature class of NYP designed to sculpt those trouble areas and get you looking perky in all the right areas. We are a body positive studio that embraces each human form as unique.  We support your journey and do not hold anyone to a physical standard.  Our AAA class will sculpt you and tone you to achieving the shape you are ready to hold and assist you in the journey of finding the version of yourself you recognize and identify with. Please have completed at least 5 Beginners classes or consider yourself to Pilates aficionado. 

Advanced Technique classes.  If you are really experienced and think of yourself as a Pilates expert, then we recommend taking this class. These classes focus on advanced choreography and are perfect for Pilates peeps looking to flow and move in the most complex of ways. 

Stretch class is a reformer based class that uses dynamic stretching. An open level class focused on lengthening, releasing muscle tension, and increasing flexibility. This restorative class is ideal for anyone looking to increase their range of motion, relieve muscle tension, and feel good!

Burnout is not your typical Pilates class! An intermediate, fast-paced class focused on total body burn, this workout is ideal for Pilates lovers who enjoy working hard, doing lots of planks and getting their heart rate up! This is a reformer machine class that uses props and great music to keep you engaged and entertained while you work that core.